Frequently asked questions

What information do you need to put my boat up for sale?

A prospectus must be prepared, which can be downloaded on our website, or by contacting us directly. The sales prospectus shall provide information about the vessel and its technical equipment. We also need some pictures of the vessel.

Can you help me with planning and contracting a new vessel?

Yes. We can assist and help during negotiations with construction yards, in preparation of specification and contract signing, as well as being present as an inspector during the construction period.

Can you help me with planning and following-up in connection with workshop stay?

Yes. We can be a close partner with shipowners, both when planning and following up at the yard.

Can you help me with damage that has been produced to my boat?


What is included in your job when selling my boat?

Based on the prepared sales prospectus, and pictures, we put the boat up for sale on our website, as well as our FB page. When the desired price is received and accepted by the seller, we prepare all necessary paper and documents for submission to the bank and the authorities.

What information do you need to sell my quota?

We need concession and quota size information.

What is included in your job when selling my quota?

The quota is posted on our website, and we take care of all the necessary and required paper work.

Is your Security Management System electronic or paper based?

The system is electronic, but can also be printed in paper format and stored in a ring binder.

If I want to buy your Security System, do you offer training?

Yes. We offer training.

In the case of impending vessel inspection, what information do you need from me?

We need to know if this is complete control or a periodic. This will be evident from the last inspection carried out on board. A complete check shall be carried out every 5 years with the vessel ashore. We must also obtain a copy of the current Vessel Instructions. Contact our office for more information regarding the control and this costs.

Is it possible to obtain assistance in applying for a permit to acquire the vessel?


Is it possible to get help with financing?