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- Oil Spill Defense  - Iceberg Towing Equipment 
- Newbuild Solutions  - Insurance, claims, cooperation with lawyer's services


Oil and Gas, fishing and shipping are the most important business activities in the Arctic.
There are many activities related to petroleum in the Norwegian continental shelf and Svalbard. The North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea are areas for offshore exploration, production and transportation.  Therefore, they provide a large market for suppliers. 

Odd Siguald Olsen started NorthernNorway's oil activity in spring 1972 in Andenes, in Vesterålen Islands. The family company was founded as an exploration & production (E&P) company. The family history graph is shown below.


OSO Maritim is an independent player that will be able to provide services, both nationally and internationally, for both buyer and seller.

We have An export permit from the Norwegian Maritime Council and this includes approval for brokering fish from vessels to onshore facilities.

Our brokerage services are commission-based, so our customers will only pay for real results.

Listed in Oslo Stock Exchange (1974) and acquisition of UK company (1975)
Acquired by Saga Petroleum
Activity related to supply of refined oil products from bunker vessels to the fishing vessels.
Strategic partnership with Shell in 2014 sold their downstream activity in Norway
1974 -1975
Founded by Odd S. Olsen and others as Exploration and 
Production company
Acquisition of Confranord for NOK 200m
Re-positioned as a bunker oil and logistic services company with main focus on the Northern area and the Russian Fishing fleet
Cooperation with the Russian Oil companies
-Market Research for new transporta-tion routes
-IPR Strategy work
Det Nordnorske Oljeselskap AS
Heading 6
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