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Workshop stay, classification, and repair work of all types of boats, system certification ISM, internal audit ISPS, and internal audit MLC, safety management system.

Our services also include assistance to shipping companies in the forefront and during workshop stay in connection with classification work and repair work of all types of boats.
When purchasing a boat, it may be a desire of the buyer to have an independent representative to review the ship's papers, as well as to conduct a technical inspection onboard. The scope and price are agreed in advance, and a written report is issued after the inspection has been completed.
We also have extensive experience and expertise in ISM system certification. We offer to conduct internal auditing ISM, onboard and at the shipping company, as well as internal audit ISPS and internal audit MLC on board. Fixed prices are prepared and agreed upon in each case.

All vessels covered by the Ship Safety Act shall have a safety management system. The Norwegian Maritime Directorate has adopted new regulations on safety management for smaller cargo vessels, passenger ships and fishing vessels that came into force from 1 July 2017. OSO Maritim has developed a Safety Management System for smaller vessels, which can be used for all types of fishing vessels and smaller cargo vessels.
The system is designed to meet all safety management system requirements following the ISM standard and can be adapted to the individual shipping company and vessel type according to size. The system can be used both digitally but also in a paper version in the form of a Vessel Manual.
All of the required data on vessels and crew are entered with due dates with monitoring. Printing of crew lists, risk assessments, etc. can, if desired, be printed and entered in the manual. Fixed prices will be prepared for each vessel.

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